Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Fashion From Milan

just browsing through a new collection Burberry Prorsum, saw alot of coats tied in with plain tshirts dress pants plus polished leather footwear, i also saw alot of metallic style pieces and another thing that stuck out were ski jackets they looked a little out of place i think mainly because of there colour, i think these could fit in with some duller colours


Thought i would listen to some of my old music, I came across some some bon jovi who I listened to so much in my school days that I never want to hear it again, but listening to the songs like queen of new orleans has re kindled my love, I think im getting into the rock and roll phase again :)

High Scenes

Been looking at some scene queen styles found some that are dulled down a bit the trash is gone and replaced with a bit of class this is the way id like to see the scene go

Fashionspot post Mindbear

When I was younger, I was obsessed with music, and through that I would get involved in political stuff, like the anti nazi league, the way I dressed was also influenced by music. This 'scene' thing is so so so vacuous, it makes me want to vomit.


Two pieces that really struck me when I saw them, I would love to be able to wear something like this now i just got to find somewere to wear the stuff

Monday, November 16, 2009

I was browsing through some fashion forums when i found this shot, I loved it so much something about how everything just works shes got the gypsy, indie elements but its so pulled together plus its worn by a sexy young lady which pretty much brings it all together, ladies if you had a style like this I would propose to you right on the street


I have been through the Wombats cd A guide to love, loss and deperation and i have to say i can not get enough of this band, for the past few weeks i have been in a rut were i havent been able to find any bands that i can connect with i went through an electro faze which i am still in a little but after a while everything just got cliche but the wombats turned it around for me from the beginning the cd just caught me and held my attention right through to the end, i have got to admit that moving to new york is the most epic song i have heard in a while i would say buy this cd if you can find it as soon as possible

Another Planet

I thought I would get straight into it and review a band i have just started to get into, Babyshambles I was in love with this band from the moment i heard bacardi, knocking out the classic garage sounds reminiscent of Pete Dohertys earlier band the libertines the dynamics of this song work really well its so simple but that's what works best in this style if your into the English post punk scene definitely have a look at these guys if you haven't already.

Hi guys

I know this is a new blog which is hopefully going to be dedicated to two of my passions, music and fashion i avent really thought through what im going to do with it, just go through some of my finds of music and new trends lets just see what happens.